Best UK Sale Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 45TH Anniversary Fake Watch For Men

The first one is my personal favorite in this group, the 45th-anniversary edition of the Apollo XI moon landing. AAA top quality replica Omega started with regular moon-landing commemorative editions back in 1989 (20th anniversary). This model, introduced 25 years later in 2014, is the current penultimate Apollo XI edition. Last year, of course, we saw the 50th-anniversary model.

Titanium Case Fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI Watch

Most intriguing about this 45th-anniversary model is its brownish dial. The logo and wording have not been printed like we are used to but were created using a special laser, cutting it out from one piece of material. This created the nice-looking dial by removing all material surrounding the logo, model name, sub-dial numerals, minute markers. The use of 18-carat red gold for the indexes and hands contrasts nicely with the brown dial.

Swiss Movement Fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI Watch

The second-most important feature is the brushed case, made from grade-2 titanium. Using titanium for this type of best Speedmaster Professional replica casing was a first for the 45th-anniversary model. Omega produced 1,969 pieces of this watch.